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masina & gal


Rodrigo Masina Pinheiro (b.1987) and Gal Cipreste Marinelli (b.1998) are interdisciplinary artists, photographers and educators living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Their work, “GH, Gal and Hiroshima”, a photography series about the experience of being beaten with stones in childhood for reasons related to gender and about a body that transitions in the face of a religious family, was a finalist in the Louis Roederer Discovery Award, Les Rencontres d’Arles 2022. It was chosen for the JIMEIxARLES 2022 exhibition in China. and won first prize in the PhMuseum Photography Grant 2021. “GH” was published by The Eyes as part of the edition “[After]care”, curated by Laia Abril and launched during Paris Photo 2022. The series was also a Gomma Grant’s Main Prize finalist. Their work is currently part of an exhibition called “Trans(e) galactique” curated by SMITH and Nadège Piton, besides having participated in several others festivals and exhibitions around the world. Their research has culminated in a Masterclass entitled “Circles of Memory and Perversion“, which addresses LGBTQIAPN+ childhoods and autobiographical narratives of gender-desobedient photographers.

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masina & gal - GH, 2020

masina & gal - Gal, 2019

masina & gal - Bait, 2020

masina & gal - Sculpture of a gesture of fit, 2019

masina & gal - Sculpture of asphalts and foams made for a child, 2019

masina & gal - Arca, 2020

masina & gal - Sculpture of fabric and rubble, 2019

masina & gal - Implant, 2020

masina & gal - Still life, 2020

masina & gal - Fence, 2021

masina & gal - Lamb studded with pearls

masina & gal - Flaminia, 2021


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