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In parallel with ParisPhoto, the salon H invite you to discover the work of Jellel Gasteli, Franco-Tunisian artist.

Abdelwahab Meddeb, inspired by the writer's travel diaries, let themselves be photographed walking around the streets of Marrakech, Tanger, and Tel Aviv, whose walls collapsed.

Opening Thursday November 15th 2018 from 6.30pm

Exhibition from 16 November to 19 January 2019

The gallery opens its doors from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm & everyday by appointment


The salon H was created with the need to share our favourites, our stances, the ideas and reflections that interested us, sometimes shaking us up, and discovering new talents that touched us in innovative areas such as plastic arts, contemporary creation and thought.

The salon H is an exhibition centre and as much as a place for one of a kind exchanges, it is thought like a 21st century salon and can be discovered like a stimulating space, a link between experiences and new paths.

The salon H was created by Yaël Halberthal and Philippe Zagouri in February 2013. 

The artists

 Benoit Armelle 
 Blumenfeld Kathleen 
 Boreckà Filomena 
 Chatelin Julien 
 Corbière Anne & Vincent 
 Colignon Baudouin 
 Courrèges Christian 
 Dufresne Damien 
 Estève Valentine 
 Fiévet Laurent 
 Isabelle Sorrente - Wendy Delorme 
 Lhuisset Emeric 
 Liljedahl Ulrika 
 Michel Bernard 
 Pozzoli Susanna 
 Sustrac Johan 

Armelle BENOIT

Former student of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Ceramics Workshop of the School of Fine Arts in Bourges, Armelle Benoit has now set up her studio in Durtal, in Anjou. Her research leads her to travel all over the world, meeting artisans who still master ancestral techniques.

At the end of this quest for the origins of art and technics, Armelle Benoit renews this ancient knowledge through her contemporary works. She collaborates with decorators Pierre Yovanovitch, Elisabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti, Marie-Christine Dorner as well as with Gérard Garouste.

All her creations come from questions about the theory of art and the limit between painting, decoration and design.

Past exhibitions

 Baudouin Colignon - Apesanteur 
 Susanna Pozzoli 
 Ulrika Liljedahl - Entrelacs 
 Julien Chatelin - Egyptorama 
 Kathleen Blumenfeld - Profession photographe 
 Valentine Estève - Panoramiques 
 Emeric Lhuisset - Théâtre de guerre 
 Damien Dufresne - Weird 
 Armelle Benoit - Fragments 
 Bernard Michel - Traverses 
 Laurent Fiévet - Swing 
 Anne & Vincent Corbière - Solstice 
 Filomena Boreckà - Le souffle de la ligne 
 Les Enchaînés 
 Johan Sustrac - Beginning 
 Christian Courrèges - Portraits de familles 
 Milo - Déséquilibre 
 Julien Chatelin- Zion Anatomy 



December 8th 2017 - March 10th 2018

Press files

Press review

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Nicolas Jandrot et Florence Tajan - "Objets de collection" - L'express (section "Style design"), p.156, March 28th 2018

Susanna Pozzoli - "Les métamorphoses photographiques de Susanna Pozzoli au Salon H" - Le regard à facettes, November 29th 2017

Susanna Pozzoli - "L'envers du décor (Susanna Pozzoli)" - MBlogs (Le Monde), September 30rd 2017

Emeric Lhuisset - Le Monde - 2016

Anne & Vincent Corbière - L'express styles

Anne & Vincent Corbière - AD Février 2015

Anne & Vincent Corbière  - Le style et la matière, January 18th 2015 

Julien Chatelin - Egyptorama - The eye of photography, May 3rd 2017

Kathleen Blumenfeld - "Une photographe en quête de personnages" - L'oeil de la photographie - November 16th 2016

Julien Chatelain / Zion Anatomy Arts Hebdo Médias / February 22th 2013

Julien Chatelin lauréat du prix de la photo CAMERA CLARA 2013

D'Days - "Quand le design rencontre la pratique médicale" - Le Journal des Arts n°475, 17-30 March 17th-30th 2017

Ariel Colonomos "La politique des oracles. Raconter le futur aujourd'hui" Albin Michel - Bibliothèque des idées. Le Monde des livres February 14th 2014

Soirée "Il faut qu'on parle" Accélération - Radio Nova October 9th 2013

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